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No Stone Unturned Therapeutic Learning Center

The No Stone Unturned Therapeutic Learning Center (TLC) was inspired by two little boys, Will and Stone, who have helped us realize the growing needs of many children with therapeutic and behavioral needs in our Nation. Mathis Rehab Centers, LLC and No Stone Unturned Foundation have collaborated to make available a location for these much needed services to be delivered in a central location for the Manhattan, Kansas community.

The Learning Center Mission:To provide an individualized, child-centered program that is evidence-based for children with neurologic or developmental impairments to include but not limited to Autism Spectrum Disorders. Our center is based on an interdisciplinary approach, which may include educational, behavioral, and therapeutic interventions including speech, occupational, and/or physical therapies to address specific needs. Our program will provide family, educational and community support to ensure individual fulfillment that spans a lifetime.

Rehab services will be daily (ST/OT/PT) regardless of education option (part-full day) Applied Behavior Analysis Interventions and/or Individualized and implemented Behavior Intervention Plan Start with the early childhood population with neurological and/or developmental delays. The center opened January 7, 2013

Stone Stone was diagnosed with Cardiofaciocutaneous (CFC) before his third birthday. CFC is a rare syndrome that includes developmental, cognitive and neurological delays. It also manifests with numerous medical complications. Through adversities with Stone, we realized that many of the therapies and behavioral techniques that Stone and other children with similar delays needed were not easily accessible or even affordable. Stone has been an inspiration to us to fight for the children and families of children in our communities to make these services available to them. Stone has a strong will, fun and loving spirit and his favorite statement is, “that is so funny.” We have learned more from this precious soul than we could ever have comprehended and now he has given us the opportunity to make a difference for others.

The Wolfords Will was diagnosed with mild to moderate autism on August 23, 2006. From that day on he has worked hard and inspired me to work as hard as I can to ensure he has the future he deserves. This journey has not always been easy but Will has fought hard every day to be all he can be and for the most part done so with a smile on his face! He has taught our family so much about life and hard work. Will is an amazing, loving, and very hard working child who has so much to give.

He has changed our lives in more ways than I can count— some more challenging than others, regardless of those challenges one thing is certain he has had quite an impact!

Where there is a Will…there is a way!

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Proceeds from the Wildcat Charity Weekend will benefit local children and families affected by CFC syndrome, and other genetic and neurological disabilities, supporting No Stone Unturned Therapeutic Learning Center and Katie's Way.