Community Rewards Program by Dillons

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Hello from the No Stone Unturned Foundation Family!

Dillons has accepted the foundation into their Community Rewards Program. This program is a great way you can support the foundation just by purchasing groceries. Every time you shop at Dillons, they will donate a percentage of your purchases back to the foundation. All you have to do is add No Stone Unturned Foundation to your Dillons card. (This doesn't effect your points at all. It is a separate program.)

The sign up process is simple.

Step 1: Create an account at or if you already have one, log in

Step 2: Under your account summary page, click on the link to Enroll.

Step 3: You can either search for NO STONE UNTURNED FOUNDATION - 53910 or enter the code 53910. If you haven't already selected a primary store, it may prompt you for that.

Step 4: Spread the Word!! This program is NATIONWIDE. Encourage your family and friends to sign up! This program works at Dillons, Krogers, Bakers or Gerbes.

If you have any problems or need help, please contact us. or

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Proceeds from the Wildcat Charity Weekend will benefit local children and families affected by CFC syndrome, and other genetic and neurological disabilities, supporting No Stone Unturned Therapeutic Learning Center and Katie's Way.