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The No Stone Mission

The No Stone Unturned Foundation is a 501(C)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to the support and research of children with health initiatives and/or disabilities and their families. The Foundation was established by San Francisco 49ers Assistant Offensive Line Coach, Eric Wolford and his wife, Dr. Melinda Wolford, who were inspired by their son Stone who was diagnosed at 2 years of age with Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous Syndrome (CFC Syndrome) a rare genetic syndrome.

In light of the ongoing increase in identification of developmental and neurological disorders, No Stone Unturned was incorporated with three goals in mind. 1) To provide support for individuals, their families and others touched by CFC Syndrome and other debilitating disorders, 2) to raise awareness by providing information and training to the public, the medical community and school systems and 3) to support current and aggressive research that will enhance the lives of children with CFC Syndrome AND other genetic and neurological differences.

When a child experiences health problems and/or developmental delays, parents most often feel overwhelmed, confused, sad, fearful, alone and angry, all at the same time. It is often disheartening when the medical community or school system is not familiar with the child’s particular “differences” and do not have the information or training that is needed to offer the appropriate interventions.

Our intention is to provide support, guidance, information and training to families and systems so that we can work more collaboratively through the identification/diagnosis process, medical interventions and the education of these individuals.

We would invite you to join us in our journey to make differences in the lives of children and families who face the uncertainties that come when a child suffers from various health issues and don’t know which way to turn. We deeply feel that our Foundation, with your assistance, will truly leave “no stone unturned” in our efforts to change lives. For more information about Cardio-Facio-Cutaneous Syndrome (CFC Syndrome) including ongoing research, you may visit www.cfcsyndrome.org.

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